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Thursday, August 27, 2015
WHITE(s) ONLY Opening Reception AUG 28TH

WHITE(s) ONLY Opening Reception AUG 28TH

Artist Lester Merriweather's WHITE(S) ONLY takes the opportunity to reexamine certain aspects of the history of “whiteness” in the United States from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present. Comprised of 25 works, the exhibition elaborates the themes, beliefs, and passions that have concocted America’s ideologies in it’s struggle to deal within and against established institutions, often directly engaging their social contexts. Several pieces that have never been shown before appear as renditions of beloved (to some) icons in a conscious effort to unsettle assumptions about America’s racial climate.

WHITE(S) ONLY constitutes a kind of collective memory—one that represents a range of conflicting attitudes toward what America might represent to some as well as what that representation means to/for others. By simultaneously mining and questioning our past, we do not arrive at a comprehensive conclusion, but at a moment ripe with new questions for all to consider.

WHITE(S) ONLY will be on view at The Fogelman Galleries of Contemporary Art at the University of Memphis Room 200 Arts & Communication Bldg in conjunction with The Attendant by Hamlett Dobbins through September 25, 2015.

REGGAE FESTIVAL!! Live Up Fest @Hi Tone

REGGAE FESTIVAL!! Live Up Fest @Hi Tone

Imperial Dynasty Productions Presents the 2nd Annual Memphis Reggae Festival, Live Up Fest!! Friday, August 28th Doors @ 5:00pm Live Music @6pm 
$10 Advance tickets $15 at the Door
Purchase advance tickets at

The Hi Tone is located at 412-414 N. Cleveland
Chinese Connection Dub Embassy

Ras Empress
Juju Bushman
The Irie Lions
Roots of a Rebellion
Charge The Atlantic
Jo'shua Odine

Hosted by: *r.i.c.o.
Kristafar Robbin
Siphne Aaye
Remy: From Fate There Is No Escape

Remy: From Fate There Is No Escape

Remy Silva, CEO of Silva's Interior Design is feared and respected in the business world. But behind closed doors, Remy tries to drink away her pain & loneliness. Nothing seems to silence the screams of her memories. Will Remy face the consequences of her actions or continue to hide from the truth?

This is the last weekend of the stage play, Remy: From Fate There is No Escape, brought to you by Inner City Association along with Emily Williams. The play is located at Evergreen Theatre at 1705 Poplar in Midtown Memphis. Tickets are $18. There is also a 2 Ticket Deal for $32. 

Dates and Times
FRI AUG 28 - SAT AUG 29 - 8PM
SUN AUG 30 - 2PM

Sponsored in part by:

~ Hattiloo Theatre
~ Quinn Eades
~ Soul 7
~ Bridging Souls Production
Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Bill Cosby and Ariana Grande Rank As Top Two Most Disliked Celebrities
in America

Bill Cosby and Ariana Grande Rank As Top Two Most Disliked Celebrities in America

Americans hate (alleged) rapists and donut-lickers  — according to new polling data from Q Scores. The company polls Americans on their opinions about things like brands and celebrities and has just released its latest round of data concerning famous people.

The Q Scores are collected bi-annually and are best known for their popularity rating — how well-liked, for example, a certain celebrity is among Americans — but they also includes a “negative” rating, which measures unpopularity.

Bill Cosby and Ariana Grande come in at No. 1 and No. 2 for having the biggest dislike rating right now.

via Vulture:

No surprise, Bill Cosby comes out on top of the list, with Ariana Grande at No. 2. One of them has been accused of dozens of sexual assaultsstretching back decades; the other is a young woman who once licked doughnuts and said she hated America. (Dr. Oz, Robin Thicke, and Adrian Peterson rounded out the top five.) Grande saw a 26-point bump in her disapproval rating, while Cosby’s jumped 43 points — about twice as much. Neither Cosby nor Grande’s overall disapproval ratings came close to those of Kim Kardashian (71 points) or Justin Bieber (63 points).

Now, where on that list is Donald? 

Source: LoveB Scott 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Fit Nation Presents “The Max”

Fit Nation Presents “The Max”

If you like that heavy Boot Camp kind of a workout, Fit Nation Memphis could possibly be your total answer to your routine! Join them and get in shape with “The Max” workout this and every Saturday morning at 10:00 am at McFarland Community Center located at 4955 Cottonwood Road. This is a great way to get your health in order. Bring a towel and plenty of water. Donations accepted. 

Margarita Line Dance Wednesdays!!

Margarita Line Dance Wednesdays!!

Its “Margarita Line Dance Wednesday!" Every Wednesday at Memphis Sounds Lounge located at 22 North Third Downtown Memphis! Its everything you love all in one place! Line dance until you get tired! Enjoy $5 Margarita Specials all night long! Doors open at 5, right after work! Admission is absolutely FREE!

Feel Good Friday at Memphis Sounds

Feel Good Friday at Memphis Sounds

This Friday is “Feel Good Friday” at Memphis Sounds Lounge, 22 North Third Downtown Memphis. Be sure to come on down and find out why it feels so good! Enjoy the soulful sounds of Will Graves & Soul as well as drink specials. Will Graves & Soul members are Will Graves, Christopher Davis, Christopher Barnes, Gerald Morgan Jr., Prentice Wulff-Woesten, and Thomas O Crivens, Jr. Doors open as early as 5pm. Cover is only $12!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Hey Myron Monday: "The Fire is Gone"

Hey Myron Monday: "The Fire is Gone"

Hey Myron, I don't think I love my wife anymore!! Now don't get me wrong, I do care for her a great deal, but the truth is the "fire" is gone. You see when we first met I couldn't keep my hands off of her. She had me so gone Myron. I'm talking baby was BAD! Shaped like a Coke bottle, ass like a Georgia peach and her hair was always on point. But after we said "I do" she just let herself go.

I've asked her on several occasion to "spice it up/ switch it up" but her response is "we're married." Well Myron, I've recently found myself thinking and dreaming about other women especially one co- worker. Myron this chick is the truth (36-24-36). She's single, no kids and has the prettiest lips I've ever seen. Look, if my wife doesn't shape up I'm shipping out! Help a brother out! -Ready to Bounce

Hey Ready to Bounce, don’t say you don’t love her anymore, because you know that’s not true. You do SO love her. You’re just in a slump right now and the fire has dissipated a little bit. Every marriage suffers “lulls” every now and then. It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday routine of everyday life. And by the time it’s get down to the two of you, all of the energy has been used for other things. But you have to fight for this.

You said you’ve asking HER to spice it up, but what are you really asking her to do? Does she know? Have you given her any ideas?

True, things may need to be spiced up a bit. However, someone has to be the one to take charge and make things happen. Why not you? Don’t wait on her! Take the lead! You got to be that one to bring that fire back in your marriage! 

Now, as for this lady on your job…really bro?

You think she looks fine and all, but she could come with a set of issues of her own. Everybody has their own issues. But right now, you know exactly what you have at home. And although you’re interested in this lady, you didn’t even say that this woman was interested in you. But, you’re ready to throw away your marriage for her? Right now it looks like this chick is just a guess and a fantasy. This is not really making any sense to me.

Before you make a bad move, here is my advice. Come back down to earth! Shift your focus back to your wife. Do things to encourage her to spice it up. Get her up and out of the house! Really make a conscious effort to get the fire back!

Yall go somewhere you’ve never been and do something you’ve never done! Sometimes, you have to get out of your normal environment and focus on each other while leaving the stressful aspects of your life behind. This will do wonders. Try it, youll be surprised!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015
Fallin in the Club that it

Fallin in the Club that it

Come get your dose of Hip Hop, Poetry, and Reggae at Love,The Night Club Sunday, July 26th! Jason da Hater, Elliott "Hardface" Nelson, Fuller Bad "The Micheal Jackson of Rap", and Chinese Connection Dub Embassy will give you a night of Memphop (Memphis Hip Hop),Cometry (a mix of Poetry and Comedy), and Reggae on Sunday, July 26th at Love 7144 Winchester. Come eat, drink, and socialize! C'Beyohn and the Bill Killahs will also be in the building! Dj Infamous Flame  will be on the 1s & 2s! The show starts at 7:11 and ends at 10:41 pm. Come early to eat and drink! There is NO COVER for this event!

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