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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wendy Williams Says Mom And Dad Weren’t Fans Of Her “Sloppy” Days On Radio

Whether you are a fan of Wendy Williams or not, it can’t be denied that she has catapulted herself and her name into a household name with her talk show. But in the process of building up that name, Williams made herself and her name quite infamous while doing radio in New York City. She quarreled with celebrities, questioned the sexuality of a few, and made quite a few enemies, but she told UPTOWN Magazine that all of that helped her to be where and who she is now.

“I regret nothing in my radio career, nothing. I had to be that person back then to be the person I am today. The person who was on the radio then was authentically me. We all have our sloppy, greasy side. My original Wendy listeners, here in New York, they grew up with me. They come up to me all the time and say, ‘Oh, I have been listening to you since I was 12.’ I feel proud. I am glad that I have been able to evolve.
Who I am right now is exactly who I was on radio. The difference is, now I am 49 years old. There are certain things that I had beaten to death. I had to move on. These other little girls in radio can now imitate me. I am not going to sit in that purple chair and act like I am! I invented I was doing that long before it existed.”

But Williams does admit that as she was going head-to-head with Whitney Houston and others on the radio, her behavior on-air was not something her parents were too fond of.

“My parents were very embarrassed by the way I conducted myself on the radio and I know that. They would fake happy, meanwhile their friends would say, ‘That Wendy is something else.’ But I was getting popularity from being that ‘something else.’ But I don’t think that was what my parents had in mind when they thought of my career. My older sister is an attorney and my younger brother is a schoolteacher. No, I wasn’t out there doing full splits in Playboy magazine, but it is still not what my parents would have wanted me to gravitate to.”

Despite all that, Williams told the magazine that she has come full circle, and despite those famous folks who won’t touch her stage because of past comments, she’s happy.

“If I had a problem with you in the past, chances are I have moved on. I have a good life. My parents have seen me go from a loser to a winner. Most people don’t have the luxury of their parents seeing them come full circle. I feel sexy and I feel very accomplished. I have my family. I am grateful.”

Check out Wendy’s full interview and photo shoot with UPTOWN on their site and share your thoughts.

Maxwell Announces “Summer Soulstice” Tour

( Yesterday, soul singer Maxwell announced that he’ll be hitting the pavement–or the friendly skies– this summer as he travels the country for his Summer Soulstice Tour. According to, the 40 year old will embark on a North American tour starting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 14 and ending in Albuquerque, New Mexico on August 17.

As someone who’s seen Maxwell on tour twice now, this is great news. Maxwell is one of the few tried and true male R&B/soul artists in the game right now. He’s incredibly talented and puts on a show that will literally have you feeling like you’re melting in your seat…if you can manage to stay seated. His show is definitely worth the purchase of a ticket and then some.

I just have one question though: Where is Maxwell’s music? His last album BLACKsummers’night shot to the number one spot on the US Billboard charts when it was released in the July of 2009. The album went platinum and earned the artist two Grammy awards. Back in 2009, Maxwell said it was supposed to be the first in a trilogy of albums. We even knew the names of the other two, blackSUMMERSnight and blacksummersNIGHT.

But sadly, years ago, we learned that the second album, which was supposed to be released in the following summer in 2010, had been pushed back, allegedly because the buzz on the first record was still going strong. But that was nearly four years ago. And since Maxwell has said that he’s had the whole trilogy completed for four or five years; (back in 2010, so perhaps eight or nine now), we’re wondering: what’s the hold up?
What gives Maxwell?! Can we get that music please?

In an ideal world he’s announced this tour because he’s planning to drop the second installment right before he hits the road. A girl can only hope.

At this point, I’m desperate. Can anybody speak on the hold up behind Maxwell’s next album? Will you try to see him on tour this summer?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Tasha Smith Discusses Transitioning From Being An Atheist To A Christian

( “For Better or Worse” actress Tasha Smith is extremely vocal about her Christian faith. However, it turns out that things weren’t always this way. The 43-year-old bombshell recently revealed that prior to finding God, she was an Atheist.

“[Growing up in Camden] is why I said I was an Atheist. ‘Cuz I said, ‘Jesus, is he really real?’”she joked during an interview with the “D.L. Hughley Show”.

Shifting gears to a more serious note, Tasha addressed her troubled upbringing.

“You know what, I was a confused young girl with so much tragedy. Sometimes when you’re going through stuff, the last person you’re thinking exists is God. I mean, it was my confusion, the anger that was in my heart, all that drama. But thank God I know God now, okay?”

In the past, the outspoken beauty has also credited God for changing her life.

“All those years ago, I was a girl with this dream, but with no education, no confidence, no self-esteem, nothing. And now God has brought me to this place of destiny, and He’s not even done with me yet,” she told Essence back in 2011.

Prince Collabs with Warner Bros. for New Music, 'Purple Rain' Anniversary Album

( Last week, it was reported Prince launched NPG Music Publishing, giving him control of his own music catalog, and no wonder! In June, the musician is planning to re-release his 1984 classic LP Purple Rain (which sold over 13 million copies in the U.S. alone) for its 30th anniversary in a digitally remastered, deluxe edition.

But before that happens, Prince has inked a global licensing deal with Warner Bros. Records that will lift the lid on unreleased music from the music icon, a new album of original music, and of course,  Purple Rain’s anniversary  re-release among other things.

"A brand-new studio album is on the way and both Warner Bros. Records and Eye are quite pleased with the results of the negotiations and look forward to a fruitful working relationship," Prince commented in a press release.

"Everyone at Warner Bros. Records is delighted to be working with Prince once again: he is one of the world's biggest stars and a truly unique talent" Warner Bros. Chairman and CEO Cameron Strang said in a statement. "We are also very excited about the release of new and remastered music from one of his greatest masterpieces."

Ironically, in 1996, Prince broke away from the Warner Bros. label, saying the label treated him as a slave (prompting him to write “slave” on his face) and the singer then changed his name to “the symbol” or “the artist”, a.k.a. the artist formerly known as Prince. "People think I'm a crazy fool for writing 'slave' on my face," he told Rolling Stone in 1996. "But if I can't do what I want to do, what am I? When you stop a man from dreaming, he becomes a slave. That's where I was. I don't own Prince's music. If you don't own your masters, your master owns you."

Monetary details of the deal haven’t been made public, but it’s definitely a sign that Prince is slowly easing his way back onto the music landscape!

Tina Campbell’s husband begs to come home

( Tina Campbell wasn’t budging when her husband Teddy Campbell asked to come home after she kicked him out.

On the latest episode of “Mary Mary,” Teddy tried to get Tina to welcome him back home even though she hadn’t gotten over news about his string of extramarital affairs.

When he simply told her, “I want to come home,” Tina was very conflicted about the prospect of having him in their house again. “Deep down in my heart, I’d like to say yes. But the truth is, it wasn’t working when you was at home,” Tina admitted during a confessional. “Let’s keep some space between each other.”

Tina had hoped a little more time apart would give her whatever it is she needed emotionally to welcome him home. Unfortunately, the distance seemed to have hardened her resolve.

She told Teddy during one phone call, “I wanted to deep down inside change and feel like I could trust again, but this is too great and I just can’t do this.”

Meanwhile, Tina’s sister Erica Campbell was having a life-altering struggle of her own as she learned that she had a tear in her throat. More precisely, she had bleeding around her vocal chord.

The discovery could not have come at a worse time for Erica, who had just launched her solo career. See what her husband Warryn Campbell said about the devastating development.


LeToya Luckett Reveals Her Insecurities In Rolling Out Magazine

( That auburn bob is a good look for LeToya Luckett!

The Single Ladies star is currently shining bright as the new cover girl for Rolling Out Magazine shot by celebrity photographer DeWayne Rogers!  Inside, she opens up about serious self-esteem issues that prevented her from showing off certain body parts, as well as the effects of social media on celebrities’ confidence.  She also speaks on the younger generation of women who find validation in showing off their goodies on the ‘gram for a few likes.

Catch a few highlights below:

On her self-image issues

I had things about myself that I [didn’t] like. I [would always say] ‘I wish I had this, I wish I had that.’ I used to have this thing about my legs. If you look at all of the Destiny’s Child albums from when I was a part of the group, you never saw me in a skirt. I was always the one who wore the pants, because I felt like my legs were too skinny.[...]You want your boobs to grow; you want all kind of things to happen,” she says, with a laugh. “Eventually things fill out — and sometimes they fill out too much!”

On how being in the spotlight just makes you more aware of your imperfections

“People like to pick at your imperfections and that can be very hard on you as a person. I think a lot of times people forget that we’re human beings and some of us are fighting self-esteem issues already,” she continues. “I love Instagram and Twitter and I think it’s awesome that fans can connect with their favorite artists, but it also gives them a chance in that comment box to say what they really feel about them. Be confident in who you are and who God made you to be. I can’t pay attention to it. I’d go crazy out here.”

On relationships

“I don’t think I’m a control freak. Of course, you don’t want to get your heart broken. But you can’t control other people. If you’re in a relationship, trying to control that other person — you’re going to be wasting your time. I learned a long time ago that you can’t control what somebody is going to do to you, but you can control how you react.”

On the younger generation of women who feel like they need to show it all to get a man

“With the younger gals now, because certain things are being celebrated, they feel they have to show certain things to be appreciated or liked by men,” says Luckett.

“I don’t think I ever found myself being tempted to just go crazy with it. I was dealing with self-esteem issues. I didn’t even wanna show my legs, let alone my butt and all of my goodies! There’s a certain time for that and only this many people should be lucky to see it: You, Jesus and a couple of other folks, but not the entire world. If you’re going to do it, let it mean something. Make a statement. Make it stand for something. Not just to be posing on your bathroom sink, doing a selfie with [your] stuff out!

Taraji P. Henson Shares Why She’s Feeling European Men These Days

( Taraji P. Henson recently confessed to Wendy Williams that while she’s single, she has been playing her hand in the dating game. Interestingly, these days, the “Think Like A Man Too” actress admits that she’s a lot more interested in men overseas than the ones she’s meeting in the States.

“I’m dating. The thing is that I’m done — I can’t say that I’m totally done with American men, but I’m very excited about my finds over [Wendy: In Europe where the Counts are?].”

According to Taraji, the men are a lot less “bitter” and “jaded” than guys from the States.

“You know what it is? I think there’s a cultural difference with men from other countries. They are not as bitter and jaded and closed up as a lot of the men here.”

She of course, made it clear that not all American men are jaded.

“I’m not saying all men. I can’t say that I’m done with American men. I’ll never say that.”

The 43-year-old beauty also discussed her character being killed off on CBS’ “Person of Interest”.

“I signed on knowing that Carter would come to an end eventually and I like it. I love doing films, so you sign on for seven years and it’s like, ‘I gotta pass that up? Ehhhh.’ It was a perfect marriage for me. I could do both. [I signed on for 3 seasons], but it really only wound up being 2.5. They had the right to make it whenever they wanted. And we couldn’t reveal that to the audience because then the surprise element is gone.”

“It’s bittersweet. Sometimes I’ll get a tweet and a fan will go: ‘Girl, I love you. But I sure miss you on Person of Interest.’ And I’m like, ‘Get over it’ [laughs].”