Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Weekly Entertainment Report!

Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry dies at 78. Beyonce gets crazy, sexy & scary, Carlton Banks wins Dancing with the Stars, the latest on Bill Cosby and celebrities sound off about Ferguson.  Its all in the Weekly Entertainment Report!

Alfonso Ribeiro wins on "Dancing with the Stars"
Well, after winning the coveted Mirrorball trophy on Tuesday night on "Dancing with the Stars," Alfonso Ribeiro tweeted today that "This is the moment I've waited 10 years for." The former "Fresh Prince" star has been vying to get on the show since it began a decade ago and now he's the champion. He beat out other finalists -Sadie Robertson, Janel Parrish and Bethany Mota. Congrats Carlton! And thanks for doing the Carlton Dance...more than once. 

Beyonce and 7/11
Question...are you still watching Beyonce's video 7/11 on repeat? Well of course you!
For her new "Haunted" video, Bey's upgrading to a mansion. Like most mansions, this one has some rooms full of creepy things (i.e. mannequins, self-lighting fires) and other rooms full of sexy things (i.e. Beyoncé). So, it's okay to feel a bit confused as she leads you through. It's just a sign of the "off the chainess" we should expect out of Bey in 2015!

We Remember
Marion Barry, the iconic four-term former mayor and current D.C. Council member and the best-known local political figure in modern Washington history, died early Sunday, a few hours after ending a brief stay at Howard University Hospital. His death was announced by his family in a statement released through a spokeswoman for Barry. He was 78.

In Bill Cosby News...
Freed-Hardeman University has cancelled Dr. Bill Cosby’s appearance at its Freed-Hardeman Benefit Dinner. Instead of Cosby, Dr. Ben Carson will speak at the dinner Friday, Dec. 5. Several women accused Cosby of drugging and raping them. Some incidents date back to the ’60s. The Memphis Chapter of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) works with rape victims and threatened to protest the dinner if Cosby appeared.

Hey Myron: “He Cheated & Now He Doesn’t Trust Me”

Hey Myron, a few months I found out my boyfriend cheated on me. Reluctantly, I forgave him, took him back and eventually started to trust him again. But here’s the strange part. Now he doesn’t trust me. I don’t get it. He was the one who messed up, I haven’t done anything wrong. -Tripping

Hey Tripping:
Well, when a guy cheats, he knows there are always consequences, especially when he gets caught. In this case, he got caught. And for all its worth, in his head “you” now have the upper hand. Even though you might not feel that way, he feels that now you have the “power” in the relationship. I mean, what guy doesn’t like to feel like he has the power in the relationship? However, even though he caused it for himself, he now has a bit of an insecurity issue.

Although you forgave him and took him back, in the back of his mind he is still wondering if one day you will return the favor and even the score. In other words, he now thinks that one day, you are gonna cheat on him too. It’s funny how guys are huh? But hopefully this will help him to stay on the straight and narrow going forward.

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No Soul at the American Music Awards

I had been hearing a lot of promotions for the 2015 American Music Awards so I decided to something different and tune in. Something amazing happened this year. I didn’t feel so out of touch…at least not because of my age that is. Strangely enough, I felt a little out of touch because of my race. Yes, really I did.

Have I been stuck in a time capsule for the past couple of years? I had to really ask myself, where are all the black folks? I know that there have been some black folks out there making music somewhere. I mean, I do work at a radio station.

Outside of John Legend and Beyonce winning for R&B Male & Female artist and Beyonce winning for R&B Album, it seems as if “we” were kind of lost in the mix. I mean, our influence was most certainly there…but we weren’t.

True, Mary J. Blige performed. However, her performance didn’t have that “flavor” that you would expect from someone who is considered the “Queen of Hip Hop Soul”. And I don’t believe anything shocked me more than the Hip Hop categories. I mean…Iggy Izalea won the award for Best Hip Hop Artist AND Album!

Then at the end in what I thought was Beyonce for a half second, turned out to be none other than Jennifer Lopez in what I felt was one of the greatest Beyonce impressions I have ever seen in my life.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there wasn’t any “soul” in this year’s telecast.

I now realize why shows like the BET Awards and the NAACP awards are so important to our culture. We don’t necessarily like to be segregated, however, we like to turn on the TV and see a reflection of us. We like to see the people we love listening to perform the songs we love on TV too. We like to see the walk away with awards for creating the songs that we like. I mean, when watching the BET Awards, we still have to sit through stuff we really don’t wanna see. However, it’s our stuff and the choice still belongs to us. And  I guess I’m done bellyaching now, lol.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Whats Happening Myron Date Night:"If Scrooge was a Brother"

What is Date Night?
Have you and your mate forgotten how to "date"...each other? Yes, date! Just because youre married doesnt mean you dont have to "date" anymore. Looking for something different to do? Well, I got just the thing. Its the Whats Happening Myron Date Night. Each month, I will roll out a different activity designed for couples to get out out of their normal routine and enjoy each other again! Not married and just wanna get out with your significant other, you're invited too! It could be a concert, could be a stage play or it could just be a quiet romantic dinner. Either way, line up a babysitter. The fun is about to begin!

This Month's Date Night Event!
Saturday November 29th at 7:20pm, The Whats Happening Myron Date Night presents
"If Scrooge was a Brother" at the Hattilloo Theatre. Tickets are normally $28 for this play. However, for WHM Date Night participants, tickets are only half price! Plus, following the play, there will be a meet & greet reception with the cast of the play. It will include wine and other light refreshments. Act now! Trust me, these tickets wont last. 

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If Scrooge Was A Brother
Eb Scroo is a successful African-American businessman with a surly attitude about the world, Black people, and especially Christmas. Scroo is so set in his vile ways that he has allowed his heart to grow cold, displaying no pity on the poor. After his former mentor and partner Boss Marley warns him about the punishment he's making for himself in the afterlife, three ghosts visit Scroo. The Ghost of Christmas Past is not only symbolic to Scroo's own history but to those of his ancestors. The Present shows Scroo how a little salvation makes a difference. Finally, The Future shows him the ripple effect he could create if he remains the same. With If Scrooge Was a Brother, this Christmas will be like no other.
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Scroll down to “Myron Mays Date Night”.
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Hey Myron: Groupon on the First Date

Hey Myron:
I recently went on a first date with a guy who used a Groupon to pay for your meal. He’s a nice guy, but it was kind of a turn off that he would use a coupon on the first date. I don’t think that was a good first impression. Am I wrong? -Turned-Off

Dear Turned-Off:
If that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel. But consider this…you stated that he was a nice guy. So apparently the date went well, he was respectful and kept your attention during the whole time. However, the coupon was an issue. I’m assuming that he didn’t take you to one of the cheap fast food joints, otherwise it would have been a part of this letter.  So let’s look at this situation from another angle. Instead of being “cheap”, maybe he is just smart with his money.

If you’re really looking for a meaningful relationship as a result of dating, you most certainly have much more important things to worry about on a first date…and a “Groupon” should not be a deal breaker. Consider this…if this guy is smart with his money, he can become a “boyfriend” who is smart with his money. If he’s a boyfriend who is smart with his money, he can one day become a “husband” who is smart with his money. So is it such a bad thing now?

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Steve Harvey's "Think Like a Success" Special

TV personality, comedian, radio show host and best-selling author, Steve Harvey comes to prime time on UP to talk about his best-selling book Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success which focuses on how to succeed in life, giving you the keys to fulfill your mission and purpose.

Taped in Chicago in front a live studio audience, Steve will talk about his own experiences that he drew from to write this book. It premieres on Wednesday, October 29th at 8:00pm Central on UP TV. Check your local cable provider.

Jodeci Reunites for Soul Train Awards

Get ready for what may be the most anticipated comeback in the history of R&B. Jodeci is getting back together for the first time in eight years to perform at the 2014 Soul Train Awards.

"Soul Train was a critical platform in the beginning of our career. So it only makes sense that our return to the stage be during the Soul Train Awards 2014," the group said in a written statement to Yahoo! Music. "We're humbled by the loyalty of our fans who have asked for a Jodeci reunion and look forward to giving them a show as only Jodeci can. #JODECIFOREVER."

According to a spokesperson for the Soul Train Awards, the foursome will perform a live medley of their hit songs. The group scored five number one hits in their hay day including "Stay," "Forever My Lady," and "Come and Talk to Me." In addition to the classics, Jodeci will also perform a portion of a brand new single.

Jodeci first hit the R&B scene in 1991 with their debut album Forever My Lady which was certified three-times platinum and remains their best selling album to date. In 1997, two members of the group, K-Ci and JoJo, left to form the duo K-Ci and JoJo. The guys haven't been on stage together since 2006. The Soul Train Awards 2014 will be hosted by Wendy Williams and is scheduled to air on BET Nov. 30.