Monday Motivation: “You’re Entitled to Your Feelings”

emotions2So…you’re going through a little something. Doesn’t feel too good does it? You’re probably feeling pretty uncomfortable right now, huh? I’m willing to bet that you probably don’t like it not one bit and you’re doing whatever you can to change it. Consider this…how many times have you changed anything by being comfortable? Probably not many at all. If you’re comfortable, that means you’re somewhat ok with what you’re going through. However, our storms are supposed to be uncomfortable…otherwise, we wouldn’t be making the attempt to change the situation we’re in. Bottom line…the mere fact that this particular situation is “uncomfortable” is proof that there is growth to be achieved as a result of you dealing with it.

But what about those times where you totally hate how your situation makes you feel?

Although you might understand that this is just a storm you’re going through and you’re gonna be better when you get through it; sometimes you just don’t like the way it makes you feel. Although you might have all the faith in the world, there are still times where you’re gonna absolutely hate the situation you’re in…and it’s totally ok…

Hey, no one is asking you to act like what you’re going through doesn’t hurt. You’re human. It’s understandable. It’s actually ok to feel like giving up. It’s just not ok to give in those feelings.

It’s no secret that sometimes it hurts when you go through something. And sometimes we get the idea in our heads that even though it hurts, we should just suck it up and keep it moving because our faith somehow numbs the pain. Well…it doesn’t.  Our faith does not take the hurt away. Our faith helps us to believe that at some point, were not going to hurt anymore.

It’s just like taking medicine; while it might make you better, it might taste straight up horrible. That doesn’t mean you have to like it. However, you have to appreciate what it eventually does for you. Storms don’t feel too good. I know. They can be very uncomfortable. I often hate the way they have made me feel, but eventually, my storms have made me a better person. As a result, I appreciate every storm I have ever had to experience.

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